Art as a way of expressing my emotions

From early childhood I’ve had a great facility for drawing and understanding space and color; I believe this is why I approached the world of fashion and design and why, in a second phase, my early inclination matured and turned into painting. As an artist, I feel unconstrained in the way I can describe my inner world. Hence, in a diversity of situations, I strive to collect my experiences on canvas: my involvement in the colonial life I lived my childhood in Africa with my father...


The circumstances of life led me to live on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands where I entered into contact with the cultural world of Cesar Manrique and met Ángel Maturen; with him, thanks to our deep friendship, I learned a number of techniques, and through a deep inner search I developed my own trend. Following a number exhibitions, first in Lanzarote and later in mainland Spain - which I sense reflect my originality infused with some sadness, a management of color and form that reveal intimacy, and a tendency to isolation - my painting evolved towards the essence of my inner world. I believe that the series "Mujercitas” (Little Women) reflects, expresses, my deepest being.

This series is completed with the sober and intimate line "Toreros" (Bull fighters), which, together with the paintings of "Los Jardines Caídos" (Sled down Gardens), reflect my true universe. From Through these two collections, I can at last express my emotions and feelings which, sometimes, cannot be told otherwise and must be found in the trace of my painting.


2019   Exhibition at SoMa (San Francico, CA, US)

2019   Exhibition at the Vincci Albayzin Hotel (Granada)

2019   Exhibition at Ecuextre fair (Badajorz)

2019   Exphibition at the restaurante "El Sigar" (Badajoz)

2018   Exhibition at the Bullfighting Fair in Olivenza  

2018   Exhibition at the restaurant "La Torre" (bull ring) in Zaragoza

2018   Exhibition at "CUARTO ESPACIO" (Galery) in Zaragoza

2018   Exhibition at the restaurant "La Casa de Bertín Osborne"

2017   Exhibition "TOREROS" at the Culture Space

            of the Misericordia bull ring in Zaragoza during the Feria Taurina del Pilar

2017   Exhibition at the Gran Hotel (Zaragoza)

2017   Exhibition at Magpie International Marbella (Málaga)

2016   Doble Uno (Diciembre Zaragoza)

2016   La Lobera de Martín (Zaragoza)

2009   Local Victoria (Zaragoza)

2008   Local Bola-V (Zaragoza)

2006   Sala Decort-Art (Zaragoza)

2004   Sala Decort-Art (Zaragoza)

2002   Club Náutico at Puerto Banús (Marbella)

1999   Arte  Africano Galería María Forcada (Tudela, Navarra)

1998   Café de las Horas (Valencia)

1996   Sala Decort-Art (Zaragoza)

1995   Galería María Forcada (Tudela, Navarra)

1993   Teguisse (LANZAROTE)

1993   Colectiva Benéfica de Pintores Aragoneses, Pasaje Palafox (Zaragoza)

1993   Pintores Vasconavarros y Aragoneses, Centro Insular de Cultura (Lanzarote)

1993   Visión de Lanzarote Galería del Aljibe (Lanzarote)

1992   Sala Decort-Art (Zaragoza)

1992   Colectiva de Pintores Aragoneses (Lanzarote)

1992   Galería Yaiza (Lanzarote)

1991   Casa de la Cultura (Arrecife, Lanzarote)

1991   Sala Decort-Art (Zaragoza)